About us

Berman Leadership Development, LLC provides executive coaching, team facilitation, and assessment of senior leaders.

Berman Leadership Development (BLD) represents the pinnacle of executive coaching and leadership development. We are a global consortium of organizational psychologists, business leaders, and coaching supervisors who provide world-class engagement and growth for individuals, teams, and organizations.

A critical element of our approach is “Doing the Right Job the Right Way.” We make sure we grasp the critical roles and responsibilities of the individual and their team, and understand the culture, customs, mores, and future vision of the organization to ensure that people are doing what is needed and expected and communicating it in a way that will be heard and embraced. We then create an environment where leaders can find their own voices and priorities, and provide tools and techniques needed to lead, influence, flex, innovate, and deliver breakthrough results.

Berman Leadership was founded in 2005 by Bill Berman. Since that time Bill and his colleagues have helped leaders and their teams through assessment, development planning, coaching, and consulting to executives. We have worked with a range of industries and sectors, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer products, manufacturing, publishing/information services, and many others. We specialize in working with general managers at the C-Suite to Vice President level, and work with specialty areas including marketing, sales, finance, technology, operations, R&D, and human resources. Our coaches are not only world-class practitioners but also thought leaders who write books and articles, and regularly present to industry conferences, Forbes.com, and many others (how should we provide a list of books and articles).

Bill’s began his career as an academic and practicing clinical psychologist, teaching and conducting research at Cornell University Medical College and Fordham University, where he received tenure in 1994. At the same time, Bill started a software and services company to manage healthcare outcomes, which he grew and subsequently sold to an enterprise healthcare information system company.  He served on their executive management team as the head of professional services and expanded the business unit to generate 25% of annual corporate revenues through consulting, implementation, training, and support functions.

Bill’s depth of knowledge of psychological science and hands-on experience as an entrepreneur and general manager sets the tone for the organization as a whole. Our coaches and consultants all have extensive experience as I/O or Clinical Psychologists, as business leaders, or as other professionals (Law, medicine, etc.). Most have advanced degrees and extensive training, and bring a knowledge of people and organizations that is unparalleled.


We leverage the principles of coaching, the science of psychology, and line management experience to enable executives and their teams to:


  • Improve strategic focus
  • Build organizational alignment
  • Promote innovation
  • Retain top talent


  • Foster internal and external relationships
  • Improve communication and decision making
  • Strengthen teamwork
  • Increase employee engagement
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