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Influence and Impact provides an easy-to-follow, common-sense approach to building influence at any level of an organization. Throughout the book, Berman & Bradt offer useful insights, tips and tools to help anyone find the right role and do the right work. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to be recognized for their true value!

- Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

If you’ve never worked with an executive coach (or even if you have) Berman and Bradt provide the framework, tools and provocative questions to help unpack personal paths to success. This isn’t through a cookie-cutter framework, but by opening the reader up to insights perhaps not realized before.

- Michael Molinaro, Chief Learning Officer, New York Life

It is uncommon to find a book that delivers the trifecta of accessible anecdotes, a thoughtful framework, and clear pragmatism. I loved reading this and intend to have all the leaders in my organization spend time thinking about how they can apply this framework to their own leadership style and coaching tool kit. This is a great example of conveying workplace wisdom and it feels uniquely approachable.

- Michael Silverman, CEO,

What you do, and how you do it, is the critical element of professional success. Berman and Bradt provide a clear, easy-to-follow, substantive, practical guide to demonstrating one’s value and getting recognized for it. This is a terrific resource for all.

- Steven G. Rogelberg, PhD, Chancellor's Professor of Organizational Science, Psychology, and Management, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

A fascinating and novel take on influence, this book lays out a practical framework for how to succeed at work, offering a fresh perspective to evaluating what you bring to the challenge, how you can develop new skills to increase your impact, and even asking if you’re in the right place to have the greatest impact. This “influence from the inside out” approach is useful for anyone seeking a comprehensive approach to great impact in their organization.

- David B. Peterson, PhD, Chief Catalyst and Transformation Officer,

Berman and Bradt generously teach the reader how to apply well-tested coaching tools to being more influential and achieve impact at work. While previously available only to a privileged group of executives who can afford an expensive executive coach, these tools are now accessible to all. Working through the book leaves no room for feeling helpless or stuck.

- Konstantin Korotov, PhD, Professor of Organizational Behavior, ESMT Berlin

This remarkable book decodes how to lead with maximum impact by harnessing a laser focus on mission-critical business and cultural priorities. An indispensable and highly accessible reference, the coverage is broad, deep, and offers unique career insights and advice for those who are charged with leading others and transforming organizations.

- John C. Scott, Chief Operating Officer, APTMetrics, Inc.

Berman and Bradt are brilliant. They have decades of helping leaders crack the code on how to have Influence and Impact. How do leaders manage challenging situations?  Read this book. No matter who you are you will find nuggets of pure gold that you will be able to put into practice, tomorrow.

- Carol Kauffman, Ph.D., ABPP, Founder, Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School