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Bill Berman

May 17, 2020

Bill is a seasoned consultant with more than 30 years’ experience as an executive coach, senior line manager, clinician and academic.  He has been assessing individuals since 1983, delivered organizational consulting and executive coaching since 1993, and has consulted to executives and C-suite business leaders since returning to full-time consulting in 2004.  Bill has advised […]

Toni Booker

November 19, 2021

Toni is a consultative coach who changes the way leaders show up.  Her prior senior leadership and industry depth affords both insight and understanding of the unique challenges of C-suite leaders and what it takes to lead at the top. Toni serves as a pacing partner to focus on strategic priorities, maximize leadership strengths, and […]

Michelle Callahan

July 7, 2020

Michelle is an executive coach, diversity & inclusion expert, and leadership and talent development consultant. Michelle delivers strategic human resources and organizational development consulting business solutions. She is known for her broad experience, intuitive insight, strategic vision, and holistic approach to coaching and consulting. DOWNLOAD PDF

Jayme Check

July 30, 2020

For more than a decade, Jayme Check has helped organizations develop world-class leaders through his results-based coaching and innovative leadership development programs. Quantum Global Partners, founded by Mr. Check in 2001, provides measurable leadership development programs that have lasting impact on individual participants and their teams. Jayme is also a co-founder of PrimeGenesis, a New […]

Douglas Choo

August 25, 2022

Douglas works with executives and their teams to help them step into a higher level of performance. He believes that leadership and self-betterment are skills that can be learned and honed; what matters most is always bringing our best selves to the fore and creating an environment to get the best out of ourselves and […]

Joanie B. Connell

April 5, 2022

Joanie brings her background as an engineer and her experience as a consulting psychologist to her work providing assessment and coaching for technical leaders. She understands the technical demands and the leadership requirements of scientific and technology teams that are essential to helping technical leaders thrive. Her experience with industry leaders, insights in the technical […]

Renee Cooper

July 1, 2020

Renée brings over 20 years of coaching, consulting, and business experience to her executive client engagements. With a style that is warm, direct, and insightful, she coaches executives and senior teams to enhance leadership skills, produce results, and achieve personal and organizational objectives. She has worked with clients in financial services, technology, private equity, life […]

Ben Dattner

May 17, 2020

Ben is an executive coach and organizational development consultant. He has helped a wide variety of corporate and non-profit leaders, teams, departments, and organizations become more successful by developing and utilizing a better understanding of the impact of individual psychology and group dynamics on all aspects of their performance. His executive coaching and consulting services […]

Sherrie Douglas

July 30, 2020

Sherrie is a leadership consultant and executive coach who focuses on optimizing the performance of executives and their teams. Since attending the Columbia University coaching program, Sherrie has worked with a range of senior leaders in investment banking, energy, and technology. In addition to multiple coaching approaches, Sherrie brings 25 years of experience in investment […]