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Micromanagement? Or Micro-interest?


November 9, 2021

We celebrate CEOs for encyclopedic mastery of every aspect of their business. We routinely ask government leaders if they knew the smallest details of an issue, and if not, why they didn’t. But are we setting leaders up for success? What if the cost of that knowledge is the loss of motivation and learning opportunities for everyone around […]

“Doing the right thing, for safety” and for the company


October 15, 2021

Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines, spoke on CBS This Morning yesterday about the steps they have taken regarding vaccine mandates, managing unruly passengers, and rewarding employees for their commitment and engagement. Throughout his interview, he demonstrated perfectly the three rules of great leadership:   Give your people: Something to believe in Someone to […]

When Your Impact Is Bad, Your Intentions Do Not Matter


August 5, 2021

The recent revelations from New York State Attorney General Letitia James’ report on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pattern of sexual harassment have both saddened and angered many people, and for good reason. The report’s conclusions are troubling in and of themselves (and the issue of sexual harassment will be addressed in my next post). Mr. Cuomo’s […]

Building Influence at Times of Crisis


June 27, 2021

One of the best times to build up your Influence and Impact is during times of crisis. Under difficult situations, leadership will shine. Those who can keep their heads and address the challenges confronting the organization will be listened to and valued. Erica Spencer, the VP of Global Learning and Development at Marriott International, wrote […]

Writing Influence and Impact: A Very Brief Memoir


June 17, 2021

To understand the basic concept of the book, this video will give you an overview. The last time I published a book, it was 1994, and I was an Associate Professor of Psychology at Fordham University. I had one child, and another one on the way. The book – Attachment in Adults – was targeted […]

Why We Prefer Nasty Bosses to Be Horrible All the Time


July 19, 2020

Lucy Kellaway (, “Why we prefer nasty bosses to be horrible all the time”) has a great little talk about an interesting finding – apparently, people are less unhappy with a boss who is consistently irritable than one who is unpredictable. Now, you coaches out there, don’t get the idea that we should encourage our […]

Up and Out, In and Down: Leading at Multiple Levels


June 25, 2020

Rick’s Experience One of my clients named Rick was brought into a finance organization that for all intents and purposes was broken. The company had grown rapidly through both acquisition and organic growth, and his predecessor had paid attention primarily to internal workings and processes. As a result, no one in the broader organization was […]

Take Ownership. Full Stop


May 22, 2020

“Your biggest problem as a leader is you spend time trying to explain why you missed your targets, and that feels a lot like justifying. Like you are making excuses for missing. As an executive on my team, I need you to own your failures, full stop. Then, explain to me how it will be […]

Intent vs. Impact: A Leader’s Most Common Way to Stumble


April 15, 2020

Alana was a brilliant scientist with a history of developing big data techniques and leading successful academic research teams. A global pharmaceutical firm recruited her as they were developing products based on data, information and insights regarding pharmaceutical usage. She was an ideal candidate to push the business through a difficult and urgent product development […]