Build Influence And Impact

The key to building influence and impact is to understand and relentlessly focus on the mission-critical parts of your role – what you need to do, and how you need to do it. Then, build on those successes by finding ways to contribute even more.

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Set the right priorities

Know your customers

Know Your Essential Role

Align the Culture

Drive Results

Berman Leadership Development, LLC helps leaders deliver results for their organization, drive innovation, and expand their influence and impact. We ensure executives and their teams have a relentless focus on the mission-critical aspects of their job: What they need to do, and how they need to do it. We leverage the science of psychology and deep business experience to create high performing, inclusive organizations. Our services include:

Do Your People Trust You, Part II. What Do You Do if They Don’t?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about what trust means for most people. And I identified a few simple, clear guidelines that can help you gauge whether you are trusted or not: Take responsibility for things that go wrong, and give credit to others when things go right; Make sure your team knows you’ll protect

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Great Leaders On and Off the Playing Field

What makes a great leader is the most important focus of an entire industry: Leadership Development. It has spawned a new field of work (Executive Coaching), limitless educational programs and institutes, and what a colleague called the “International Airport School of Business:” The dozens of anecdotal self-help books on leadership by former CEOs and government

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Which Team Are You On?

Mingyu is a highly competent, high potential Managing Director in a financial services firm who sought coaching to help her step into her new role. She was recently promoted to lead the group that has responsibility for connecting corporate clients with potential investors.  This role puts her in contact with a wide range of business […]

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We are pleased to announce that Bill’s new book, “Influence and Impact” will be published by John Wiley & Sons, in June, 2021. For updates and information,

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